Escape The City At Vero Beach Florida

Florida is one of the most sought after vacation destinations in the United States. During the holiday season it can see many thousands flock to what are undeniably some of the best beaches in the nation. But to some extent Florida has been the victim of its own success.

For tourists many of Florida’s waterfront towns and cities have become overburdened by tourists – it sometimes seems that little bit too crowded. In addition the influx of tourists has seen developers jump on the bandwagon and begin rampant development with high rise apartment blocks beginning to blot out the sun – which is the reason that many people visit.

For many folk the Sunshine State is now just that little bit over traded as far as the tourist market is concerned. But, if you look carefully there are places that have escaped that rampant development and become tiny havens from the increasing tourist pressure that is being put on the Sunshine State.

One of these places is Vero Beach. Resisting the impulse to cash in on the increasing numbers of tourists flocking to Florida Vero Beach authorities have put their collective feet down. No building in the area is allowed to be over four stories high – allowing that wonderful Florida sun to bathe the entire Vero Beach in a golden glow.

Vero Beach is a bit of a contradiction. Here millionaires and billionaires happily spent time with the working class heroes who made America great. It could be said that there is even an air of sophistication that hangs over Vero Beach.

It’s no wonder. It’s a semi hidden gem. There are cultural attractions and a very impressive art museum, world class shopping and dining and one of the best Atlantic beaches on that coast.

For those who love unspoiled ocean vistas Vero Beach comes as a pleasant surprise. The beaches allow for that ever elusive sense of solitude that many wish for when they visit the edge of the ocean. You are free to wander far from those hordes of tourists that flock to other beaches in Florida.

As a beach time bonus those who visit the area can take a night tour to see one of natures miracles – the Sea Turtles laying their eggs on the pristine sands.

Of course there is more to Vero Beach. Great restaurants being only beginning. For those who want to experience Florida as it was in years gone by – at a sedate place Vero Beach is the perfect destination.